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"MEGALIVE - The MEGADETH Tribute", this is Thrash-Metal at its best. They are located in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Icons MEGADETH are famous for their neckbreaking solos, the beautyful song arrangments and a solid portion of ruthness. They made it to the bottom of the fan's hearts. And of course they are an important part of the Big Four of Thrash-Metal.

Since 2020 the tribute band MEGALIVE took this live-feeling to the stages as the only formation in Germany. With the best performance and passion you can expect.

They also close the gap between the other tribute acts. Of course they do not play only the famous hits of MEGADETH. MEGALIVE is playing the treasures, the hidden pearls and forgotten neckbreakers too, so every metal fan can celebrate the travel through the decades of all MEGADETH releases.

Mustaine and Co. are not on tour yet? MEGALIVE are ready. Rattle your goddamn head!


Andreas Görgen (Guitar / Vocals), Schifferstadt
Justin Hombach (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Bad Schwalbach
Nik Gledic (Bass / Backing Vocals), Heilbronn
Jens Vorenberg (Drums / Backing Vocals), Frankfurt

Andreas Görgen
Anilinerstraße 19
67105 Schifferstadt