19.03.24: While a visit at Ellefson live in concert, we gave him a little gift from us. And what was his reaction? What an awsome act from him.

29.01.23: We have merch for you. Visit our concerts to grab some stuff.
22.07.22: Our MAN Justin made it to transkript, learn and videographed the new songs of Megadeth "Night Stalkers" and "We'll be back" in a world record time. Fast as hell. Only few hours after their release he put them out faster as anybody else. Respect!!! See Media for more.
27.06.22: website new designed
06.06.2022: The gigs in Bruchsal and Duesseldorf were a pleasure for us. Thanks to the crowds.
04.05.2022: Some more gigs will happen. The next stop is Bruchsal - Fabrik, with our buddies of lamettica.
05.04.2022: We are happy to tell you, that Nik ist no longer our interims bassist. He is now a full member :-)
23.03.2022: Nik from the Metallica tribute Band METALICOVER is the bass guitarrist for the upcoming gigs. Thank you so much Nik for your pleasure and your help!
07.03.22: Chris Steffens is no longer part of MEGALIVE. The band decided to seperate him from the band due to internal conflicts. We wish him the best for his future.
04.12.21: All gigs scheduled in December are canceled due to covid19, hopefully we will continue after that shit
21.11.21: The debut gig in Mörlenbach was totally awesome, madness and power!
11.11.21: New Gig: 18.12.21: Rockfabrik, Bad Friedrichshall
01.11.21: New Gig: 27.12.21: 7er Club, Mannheim
28.10.21: New Gig: 08.04.22: Altes E-Werk Nierstein, website managed
20.10.21: Hangar 18 Video published (1000 Views at day 1!!!) see media.
10.10.21: New Gig: 04.12.21 - Pitcher - Duesseldorf
03.10.21: We support our friends of Metalicover in Mörlenbach-Weiher on November 21th 2021. Our defloration :-)
20.12.20: The bands info and techrider has been uploaded in a new version. (german)
30.11.20: The gig in Speyer has been canceled of cause of corona pandemic.
13.10.20: We are proud and happy to announce our first gig will be at 04th of december 2020 in Speyer.
30.09.20: Now we can offer a set about 90 minutes. We wait for covids end and the beginning of staging.
18.08.20: Now we have a rehersal room. Finally we can start to prepare the songs for you.
19.07.20: Our Line-Up is completed now. We're proud to introduce Chris Steffens with his bass. He comes from Colone. Now we have members from Colone, Bad Schwalbach, Frankfurt and Schifferstadt. We are preparing and rehearsing the songs we like to present, when the time is come. We are still searching for a rehearsal room in Frankfurt.
04.02.20: searching for a rehearsal room near Heppenheim starts
02.02.20: first meeting with guitarist and drummer totally successful
15.01.20: the project starts, searching for bandmates